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Trek Connect is a designer and manufacturer of custom cable and harness assemblies, data switching systems, and custom-designed interconnect solutions. We serve a variety of industries, including military, aerospace, homeland security, audio/broadcast, commercial, industrial, medical, and telecommunications.


Copper Cable Design And Production

At Trek Connect, we specialize in designing and manufacturing copper cable and wire harness assemblies. We handle all levels of complexity for your Mil-Spec and commercial interconnect needs. 

Fiber Optic Cable Design And Production

Our core competencies include the fabrication and assembly of M28876, ST/SC/LC, and MTRJ cable assemblies -- and we are proud to have developed a streamlined fiber optic loopback for the M28876 connector. Trek Connect also offers fiber copper hybrid cable assemblies.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Trek Connect uses high-grade materials for your custom interconnect applications. Our comprehensive custom solutions meet high shock, vibration, and shielding requirements. Whether it's parts kitting, cabinet fit-out, or custom molding, we've got you covered.

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